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About the BC TEAL Refugee Project
As Syrian refugees begin to arrive in Vancouver, many BC TEAL members have been considering how best to volunteer their English language teaching expertise and experience to support new arrivals in our city and our province.

The proposed BC TEAL Refugee Project is a way for BC TEAL members to share their expertise and experience as English language teachers by volunteering to tutor new arrivals to Canada who are unable to attend government-funded English language classes. A commitment to be a volunteer tutor can make a difference in the lives of those future citizens who may be waiting for a LINC class or are not ready to take part in a class.

Background Information
For the first three months, the BC TEAL Refugee Project will be a pilot project, offered only to privately-sponsored and government-assisted refugees living in Vancouver. The long-term goal is to learn from the pilot project and eventually offer similar programs as needed in the regions served by BC TEAL.

Volunteer Commitment
The goal is to put together a team of a minimum of 10 to 12 experienced English language teachers who are willing to tutor refugees a minimum of two to three hours per week for a minimum of three months [12 weeks] in Vancouver.

The timeline for the BC TEAL Refugee Project is dependent on the response from BC TEAL members. The proposed timeline for the BC TEAL Project is as follows:

  • Process all applications and select a team of 10 to 12 volunteers.
  • Make the offer of free English language instruction through those organizations serving privately-sponsored refugees and government-assisted refugees in Vancouver.
  • Develop student profiles, confirm their CLB level, and set up possible times and locations for tutoring sessions with the assistance of the sponsors.
  • Organize/facilitate orientation/information sessions for volunteer tutors.
  • Refer newly arrived learners to their volunteer tutors with the assistance of the sponsors.

Teaching/Learning Resources
Volunteer tutors will be asked to use/create their own teaching materials. This is a volunteer project and is not funded, with the exception of paying for the compulsory VPD criminal check. However, it is also anticipated that some teaching resources will be donated by English language providers located in the Vancouver area.

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